A few years ago we donated some needed funds to the Charity Hypo Hounds, a diabetic Alert Assistance Dog Charity. Hypo Hounds train dogs to detect and alert to the dangerous changes their Type 1 Diabetic owner’s blood sugars. By alerting their owners or their families to these changes in blood sugars, Hypo Hounds can help to prevent potentially life-threatening hypoglycaemic attacks. These are known as hypos and result from low blood sugar levels. Diabetic alert dogs can also be trained to detect potential episodes of hyperglycaemia (known as hypers) when blood sugar levels are too high.

“Good Morning
I do hope you are well and getting back into the new normal? I have some good news to share with you and all at the Masonic Lodges – Donna of whom you met FINALLY had her dog dog qualified by us!!
Training and support is ongoing now for the life of the dog but we are so proud of her achievement. As you know it took a little longer than usual due some upsetting health complications within her family and then Covid – BUT she has got there!
Rosie is now consistently saving the life of Alessandra and we just had to share the news with you. We have attached a picture for your records too.
Kindest regards
Jane Pearman
Chief Executive and Founder”