West Kent Provincial CHARITY Fund


Provincial Charity Fund

The West Kent Provincial Charity Fund supports not only Masonic charities, but also applications from worthy charitable causes in the community of West Kent. The Provincial Charity Committee (PCC) meets roughly quarterly – February, May, September and November – where applications for funding are discussed at length.

The applications fall under two headings:-

a. Community Funding – typically up to £1000 and can be from small groups, not necessarily registered charities.

b. Major Grants – typically up to £10,000 and usually awarded to registered charities.

Brethren of West Kent can submit nominations to the Provincial Grand Charity Steward for major grants as well as for community funded projects . Nominations should be forwarded to the Charity Committee who will deliberate on the merit of each submission and make their recommendations to the Executive.

Notes for the completion of submissions – Please read carefully

The following notes are intended to assist those preparing the submission for grants and set out the eligibility criteria that are applied to all submissions. The organisation that is being proposed to receive a grant:

1. Must be providing services to residents within the Province of West Kent area.

2. Must not be a national charity.

3. Must not be funding for land or buildings.

4. The proposal must not be for core costs of running the organisation.

5. Must not be a charity solely for animals.

6. Must be a registered charity (for consideration for a major grant).

7. Can provide a current set of accounts.

You can download the application form  by clicking HERE

This will download a WORD Document that we ask that you complete electronically and return to us at ProvGChStwd@westkentmasons.org.uk.

Please ensure that you have read the above notes before you complete the form.