About Us

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

Integrity, friendship, respect and charity are bedrocks of our organisation.

The membership of our ancient fraternity has evolved over the centuries, and in the 21st century we continue to embrace change.

All Freemasons believe in equality and fairness. We are inclusive in our approach to each other, and the communities we serve. West Kent supports and empowers its members to contribute in their own individual and unique way. We value and celebrate the diverse voices of our members – and continue to build an environment and culture where members from different backgrounds can be themselves.

For you and your family

When joining Freemasonry, we ask our prospective candidates, what their families think of their interest. This is because, we actively encourage our families and friends to take part in our social pursuits. In effect, we are a community of like-minded people, who enjoy a range of activities, from perhaps playing golf, visiting a rugby match, cricket or bowls.

Regardless of our social events, be they sporting, or of a formal nature, such as Ladies’ Nights, or other gala occasions, the main thing we have in common is our bond of Freemasonry. 

In advance of the National Lottery becoming part of our lives in the 1990s, Freemasonry was the leading donor to charitable organisations, and other worthwhile causes. Our charitable giving remains an important aspect of our fraternity, showing our brotherly love within our communities, not just by giving funds, but in many cases, giving our time where it is needed.

We like to have fun – and care for our communities and local charities