What is Freemasonry



The first thing that most people ask is:
“What is Freemasonry?”

Many people think they know what Freemasonry is and what is does, but sometimes you really do need to find out for yourself.

Talking to a Freemason will give you a better understanding of what Freemasonry is and they really will want to talk to you about it. You do not need to be invited.

Why become a Freemason?

Make Friends

For some it’s about making new friends, and who doesn’t like making friends? Joining a Masonic Lodge is like becoming a member of a big family, and it only gets better  when you start visiting other lodges.

Help Others

For many it’s about being able to help others. Freemasons are supporters of charity, especially those that serve the local community. But that doesn’t make us special, it just gives us a special feeling.

Enjoy a Challenge

You’ve probably heard stories about Masonic ceremonies, and we’re not going to say there aren’t any, because there are. However, our ceremonies are intended to have clear and positive purposes; not least, to encourage individual participation, public speaking, personal development and confidence building. They are most certainly not blood curdling and frightening ghoulish rituals – Sorry to disappoint!

Include the Family

Family and Friends are important to Freemasons; fun days, barbecues and black ties evenings are a feature of many Freemason’s Lodges. Thesse events are an important part of the social calendar allowing Friends and Family to be included. Making friends and helping the community makes membership and enjoyable and fulfilling activity. Freemasonry gives you access to be able to do this more easily. 

“Fits around your Lifestyle”

Freemasons like to have flamboyant get togethers, but amongst them will be the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker! Freemasonry welcomes all people that believe in:

We believe in...

  • Integrity

  • Respect

  • Friendship

  • Charity

  • Supporting the Community

  • Having Fun

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What is Craft Masonry

Craft Freemasonry is the basis of all Freemasonry and is the starting point in becoming a Freemason. Under the United Grand Lodge of England, Craft Freemasonry consists of three degrees (the Entered Apprentice, the Fellowcraft and the Master Mason) plus the Holy Royal Arch. All other degrees and orders are separately regulated.

It is believed that the origins of Freemasonry can be found in the Master Mason’s Lodges formed for working stonemasons, at the sites of cathedrals and other stately buildings in the late middle ages. Such Lodges subsequently accepted as members, those who were not operative stonemasons, later called freemasons.

The forms of recognitions, about which there is so much discussion, enabled the travelling mason to prove that he was fully qualified when arriving at a new building site. Nowadays they have a symbolic meaning within the ceremonies, but are not used elsewhere.

All forms of Freemasonry take as their basis, the teaching of the relationship one has to his God, his neighbour, and his family, and lead to an understanding of himself. Freemasonry has existed for hundreds of years, and throughout the world there are millions of men who find the fraternity of Freemasonry conducive to a development of their responsibilities to the society in which they live.

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