West Kent Provincial Golf


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The West Kent Provincial Golf Section has been in existence for many years and aims to bring together golfers of all abilities for our golf days.

We currently have over 180 members and all West Kent Freemasons who play golf are welcome to join.

We have two main events during the season

  • the Heritage Cup/ Micky Cash Memorial Golf Day (June) and
  • the West Kent Open/ Ladies Rose Bowl (September).

There are also a series of inter-Provincial matches throughout the season for which we need to provide a team. Our regular matches are against: East Kent, Middlesex, Surrey and Sussex.

We would be delighted to welcome new members to our Golf Section. There is no membership fee. All you need to do is to email the Honorary Secretary, giving your contact details and golf handicap. You will be added to the membership list and the group distribution list for communications and you can get involved.

Vic Rampersad  Chairman & Honorary Secretary, WKMSA Golf Section

Contact Club Secretary

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Can non Masons / ladies take part?

The West Kent Open/ Ladies Rose Bowl is an ‘open’ championship and therefore those who are not yet Freemasons are welcome to attend; as are lady golfers who can enter the Ladies Rose Bowl, which runs parallel to the men’s championship.

We usually have around 20 to 25 men who are not Freemasons entering

How are the teams selected?

The West Kent teams are built from volunteers from our existing membership. We begin with the Golf Section Committee members and our regular players (those who make themselves available and can be relied upon to turn up at the match) – there is nothing worse than people letting you down on the day. We also build in other
players who express a desire to represent West Kent in inter-Provincial matches. Our teams include a spread of abilities and we have players on handicaps of 2, whilst we have others who play off 22.

Do you do any day outs for beginners?

We do not do any specific days out for beginners. However, players on beginner’s handicaps of 28 can play in the two main golf days but they will have to play off a maximum handicap of 24 for the day; it is the players own choice then whether he wishes to enter. This is a usual limitation placed on events and ensures that the day can run smoothly with minimum delays.