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Masonic Fishing Charity – West Kent Branch

The West Kent Branch was founded in 2009 with the first event held at Spring Hill Trout Fishery which remains a popular venue.



“The Masonic Fishing Charity’s aim is to bring an interactive fishing and countryside experience to people with special needs”.

It achieves this by running fishing events, both coarse and fly and inviting participants with special needs to come and join in. This includes anyone over 11years oldwith mental or physical disabilities, the disadvantaged or those who have suffered trauma.

We hope to ‘Catch The Smile’ along the way.

Catching a Smile!

The charity was formed nearly twenty years ago. Formally known as the Masonic trout and Salmon fishing charity when some keen fly fishing masons thought it might be a nice idea to take some disabled or disadvantaged kids for a days fishing. Hence this national charity was born with nearly every province represented including North and South Wales. The West Kent branch was born in 2008 and has quickly become one of the most successful and respected. We currently hold five days events each year, with up to twenty or so children attending at either three fly fishing and two coarse. These are always held on a weekday as it takes part during school terms.

The day starts with setting up for the day quickly followed by a hearty breakfast for helper and coaches. Before the children arrive a very important health and safety briefing is held and I have to point out that all those involved have a DBS certificate of clearance to work as volunteers with the children. The Children usually arrive around 10.00 and are paired of with their coach for the day. At lunch time everyone assembles for a BBQ after which every participant receives a certificate and in some cases a medal for any outstanding performance. The children have to get back to school in the afternoon, leaving us to clear away. Perhaps the highlight of the day is not the fish caught but the smiles caught as they drive away. Truly an event which every member of the province should be proud to be associated with. Later this month we have our fourth event and a report of that with pictures will be out soon.

We are always looking for keen fishermen to help us at our events so if you can give up a day let us know and I will arrange to get you cleared to participate. Please complete the form below. 


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West Kent Officials

To contact an individual please click on their name:

Chairman Keith Fairweather
Event Organiser John David Berry
Members & Casters Secretary John David Berry
Schools Liaison Officer Susan Purser
Secretary David Purser
Catering Andy Mills
Ray Wentzell
Treasurer Kenneth Parry-Husbands
DBS Co-ordinator John David Berry
Fund Raising Peter Brooker
Health & Safety Officer David Purser
First Aid Tony Russell
Publicity & Event Reports George Buckberry
Event Helper David May