Community Support for Local Children in Hospital
The Province of West Kent proudly demonstrates its unwavering commitment to the well-being of local children as it extends its support to enhance the hospital experience for young patients.
In a heartwarming display of solidarity and compassion, the Province has once again shown why its members take immense pride in their vibrant community. Childhood hospital stays, though often necessary, can be daunting and unsettling experiences. However, thanks to the dedication of the Province’s members and their diligent efforts with the TLC project, these hospital visits have become significantly more positive for countless children.
The initiative has fostered a remarkable team spirit at the Pembury Hospital Receiving Unit (PRU) and other healthcare facilities, with the primary aim of ensuring that children’s hospital stays are as comfortable and stress-free as possible. An integral part of this effort involves providing toys to young patients, easing their transition into hospital life. Inevitably, the pandemic strained resources, as children were frequently discharged with their beloved toys, which provided solace during their hospitalization.
Crucially, there is no dedicated budget for these essential toys, making them reliant on the generosity of community members, such as the Friends of the PRU. When supplies dwindled in the children’s ward, the matter was brought to the attention of Kieron Lockyer, a dedicated member of the Provincial Charity Committee. Kieron promptly alerted the Provincial Charity Steward, Steve Rozier, and the Charity Committee took swift action by approving a donation. This generous contribution ensured the provision of a range of toys that had been specifically requested by the dedicated staff at the children’s ward.
On the 22nd of September, Kieron Lockyer, Steve Rozier, and Ian Gallehawk had the privilege of visiting the ward to present the toys to the hospital staff, as captured in the accompanying photograph. The West Kent community’s generosity has markedly improved the lives of local children during their hospital stays, and the dedication of the hospital staff is a testament to the positive change achieved through collective efforts.
Ian Gallehawk expressed his delight at the experience, stating, “It was a truly enjoyable day in uplifting and inspiring company. This initiative exemplifies the Province of West Kent’s unwavering commitment to working closely with the local community.”
In the photograph (from left to right), you can see: Ian Gallehawk, Deputy Provincial Grand Master; Kieron Lockyer, Provincial Charity Committee member; Georgianna, Ward Manager; Sophie, Healthcare Play Specialist; Frances (seated), Ward Matron; Jade, schoolroom teacher; and Steve Rozier, Provincial Charity Steward.
The Province of West Kent continues to set an outstanding example of community engagement, demonstrating its steadfast dedication to the well-being of local children in hospital. Their compassion and commitment serve as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path toward a brighter future for young patients.
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About the TLC Project
TLC is locally managed by Freemasons who also volunteer their time to run the scheme. Since its inception in 2001, 3.5 million teddies have been distributed to hospitals throughout England and Wales. Find out more here: