West Kent Freemasons have made a significant donation to the Marjorie McClure School, a vital institution in Chislehurst. The school plays a crucial role in assisting children with complex medical and physical needs, relying on donations to maintain its services.

On July 5th, members of West Kent Freemasons joined the school’s grand opening event, which featured Para Athlete Liz Johnson as the guest of honor. This event marked a collective effort to support the school’s mission.
To raise funds, the Marjorie McClure School introduced a “Buy a Brick” program, allowing supporters to purchase bricks engraved with personal messages. These bricks will be incorporated into a central pathway within an inner courtyard, symbolizing the lasting contributions of the community.

Our support for the Marjorie McClure School reflects our commitment to helping those in need, and we’re heartened by the community’s strong show of solidarity for this important cause.