Mark Estaugh, Provincial Grand Master of the West Kent Freemasons, recently spent an enjoyable morning speaking to staff in several parts of the Oxleas NHS Trust – and delivering them cakes!

During his trip, Mark visited: Holbrook Dementia Ward; Lesney Mental Health Ward; Meadow View Community Rehab Ward at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup; and Barefoot Lodge Mental Health Ward at Goldie Leigh Hospital, Abbey Wood.

The newly established Province of West Kent’s Emergency Fund has funded a number of recent projects – and this was another local initiative, to show how much the Freemasons appreciate the outstanding work of the NHS, and the remarkable quality of service they provide to us all.

This simple gesture touched the hearts of those who received it.  One of the nurses said there was genuine appreciation and happiness on the wards when the cakes arrived.  Another told of the stress involved in losing so many patients to COVID-19, and explained how the expressions of support they had received over the past few weeks had really raised their spirits during this sad time.

Mark Estaugh also visited Pinewood House, in Dartford – another part of the Oxleas Trust – to present 10 Samsung ‘tablets’ – in addition to two tablets which had been donated earlier in the week.  These devices are critical for patients on wards to stay in contact with families and loved ones, whilst they are in isolation and unable to receive visitors.   The team were delighted to receive them and explained that they will make a real difference to patients’ lives.

Mark Estaugh, Provincial Grand Master of West Kent Freemasons, said:

“West Kent Freemasons are honored and proud to be able to show their appreciation to the front-line NHS staff who look after us during these difficult times.  It is a privilege to make some small contribution to improve the lot of patients by giving them a means to communicate with their families and loved ones.  We will continue to assist wherever and whenever we can to support our local communities at this critical time.”

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