In the recent past, our Province has enjoyed great success with the consecration or reinvigoration of themed Lodges, which has enabled us to engage with many members which might have otherwise left the Craft together with the attraction of new members, who wish to share in these social interests and membership of our Province.

These include our Motorcycling Lodge, Hervey Lodge – our Universities Scheme Lodge, Sincerity Lodge – our Shooting Lodge – to name but a few, and last night saw the launch of our new Motoring Lodge as part of the reinvigoration of Kentmere Lodge.

Over recent months, I have received many requests for the creation of new themed Lodges, including the forthcoming Rugby Lodge, and others with Marine, Football, Golf, Fishing, Cycling and Music at their core – and there are many others where interest is gathering pace.

W,Bro. Paul Holmes and Stuart Darby have been at the heart of most of these developments and they have shown great expertise in the successful implementation of these notable successes, which have led to the retention and attraction of members – our over-riding Provincial strategic objective.

I am delighted to announce that Paul and Stuart have accepted my invitation to head our “Themed Lodge Formation Committee”, which will now provide oversight and assistance to those interested parties that wish to form a themed Lodge. Paul and Stuart will be preparing the necessary toolkits to assist with these forthcoming initiatives, which will provide the interested parties with invaluable advice and assistance to make these dreams a reality.

I know that you’ll join me in wishing Paul and Stuart every success in this new initiative, and look forward to the successful launch of even more themed Lodges in due course, which will no doubt lead to a commensurate increase in our membership.

Yours sincerely and fraternally
Mark Estaugh
Provincial Grand Master