The West Kent Lodge of Charity 9610 held a meeting in February where they were privileged to receive a wonderful presentation from Tracey Parry, Centre Manager of ICARE Day Centre. The presentation was titled “Care for Stroke Victims and their families,” and it was well received by the 65 Brethren in attendance. At the end of the presentation, the Lodge presented Tracey with a new Laptop computer, which she graciously accepted and thanked them for.

Worshipful Brother Roland Stokes and the Lodge Secretary, Fred Halligan, reminded the Brethren about the Legacy Funding Scheme, which is the most appropriate way to make a donation. As a result, within three weeks, Lodges and Chapters donated a total of £2,300, and a similar amount was transferred to the 2026 MCF Festival in their Lodge or Chapter names.

W. Bros Roland Stokes later visited ICARE at Green Street Green, along with members of Tracey’s team and clients of the Day Centre, to meet and chat with Tracey. During the visit, Mike Talbot, Chair of ICARE Day Centre Trust, expressed his gratitude to the local Masonic Lodges for their recent donations, which would be used to improve the Day Centre’s facilities, including purchasing new arts and crafts materials and making improvements to the Centre. Mike Talbot added that the donations would directly benefit the clients who come to them week by week for rehabilitation and friendship.

Overall, the donations made by the Masonic Lodges will have a significant impact on the ICARE Day Centre and the people who depend on their services. The Lodge’s generosity and commitment to supporting their local community is commendable and will undoubtedly make a positive difference in the lives of stroke victims and their families.