You will all be aware that the period of Masonic suspension came to an end on 17 July, thus making the resumption of Masonic activity possible.

Considerable guidance has already been issued from United Grand Lodge of England and Supreme Grand Chapter on a wide variety of topics relating to the resumption of Masonic activities. It goes without saying that we must comply with the prevailing Government guidance and restrictions, which are evolving, the state of readiness of our Masonic Centres and any local rules they impose.

As I have already stated on a number of previous occasions, the welfare of our members is my over-riding concern – many of you have already stated that you wish to defer attending Lodge or Chapter meetings until a full ‘“return to normal” takes place. As a consequence, I am pleased to confirm that we are in the process of arranging a wide variety of virtual events for you to participate in, which is shortly to be published on our website.

Zoom meetings

I am aware that many of us have not met since the early part of the year and some may feel unwilling to do so for the foreseeable future. Thankfully, several of the Lodges and Chapters I belong to have arranged monthly or bi-monthly Zoom meetings which have been an excellent source of social contact and provided a worthwhile alternative to the camaraderie we so enjoy at our meetings

We all know how important it is to stay in touch with each other and, by so doing, we will be able to check on the wellbeing of all, particularly those who live alone. It’s a great way to ensuring that ALL members can come together – young and old alike – and also a perfect way to keep your prospective candidates involved on our social gatherings, in advance of them becoming members.

Can I strongly recommend that one of your members takes the responsibility for their arrangement, as Zoom set up details are available for all on our Provincial website. Those who are familiar with its use might also like to assist those for whom this technology is new, so that we can all participate irrespective of our knowledge and ability.

Committee meetings

Many Lodges and Chapters are also holding Committee meetings using remote conferencing facilities such as Zoom as there is no Rule that requires Committee meetings to be held on a face to face basis, so do consider this as another means of keeping in touch, whilst undertaking administrative matters which may arise.

Lodge and Chapters of Instruction

Lodges and Chapters might also wish to consider holding virtual instruction events via Zoom – for further guidance, or to clarify any query regarding the “do’s and dont’s”, please refer to the Provincial Office.

I am very keen to do all we can – for members and prospects alike – to demonstrate the value of Masonic membership, and firmly believe that the above suggestions will assist us to achieve that aim, until these difficult times are behind us.

Kindest regards.
Yours Sincerely and fraternally,
Mark Estaugh

Provincial Grand Master – Grand Superintendent