The new law for England (but not Wales) sets out four Steps for the relaxation of restrictions. Once the law permits Masonic meetings again, they may take place but nobody should attend until he feels comfortable doing so.

•    Step 1 – from March 29th 

No Masonic meetings can take place.

•    Step 2 – no earlier than April 12th 

No Masonic meetings can take place.

•    Step 3 – no earlier than May 17th 

Masonic meetings of up to 6 people are permitted.

If a Masonic Centre has conducted a risk assessment, taken into account government guidance and taken all reasonable steps to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid then it may host Covid-Secure Masonic meetings of more than 6 people, up to the lower of:

a. the maximum capacity identified in the risk assessment; or
b. 30 attendees.

Please see Regulation 6 of statutory instrument 2021/364 for more details.

Dining is restricted to groups of up to 6 people.

•    Step 4 – no earlier than June 21st

Current restrictions on Masonic meetings and dining will be lifted, although it is not yet clear what restrictions or government guidance will take their place.

More Information

The guidance in this area changes regularly but this note reflects our current understanding. When detailed guidance is published by the government, UGLE will issue further information. The timings of the Steps may change for some or all parts of England. This note is intended to help share knowledge and guidance but is not legal advice.