Letter Received by Our Provincial Grand Charity Steward Peter Brooker.

Hello Peter,

Thank you so much to everyone at the West Kent Freemasonry for your wonderful gift of £500.00 towards Porchlight’s work! Thank you for being so thoughtful of others in what has been a difficult time for everyone.

Your gift will make a big difference to the people we support at Porchlight. To give you a sense of the tangible impact of £500.00; it could cover the cost of a fantastic 100 calls to our 24-hour helpline from people in crisis or 20 welcome packs for people moving off of the streets and into our supported accommodation. This is life transforming and is needed now more than ever and we can’t thank you enough for your support! I have included a link to Audrey’s story, one of the people we have helped, below so you can see the impact your support enables us to have on people’s lives.

Audrey’s* story 

“For six horrendous months, I lived in a tent on one of Kent’s beaches. It was freezing cold and terrifying. Porchlight saved my life. They gave me a safe place to call home and the help I needed to make a new start.”

*We have changed Audrey’s name for privacy but her story is true. 

Nationwide concerns of rising unemployment, rising evictions and the impact on people’s mental health are all issues that are likely to result in an increased demand for Porchlight’s services. We are currently looking at how we can gear up to support this predicted increase in demands of calls to our Helpline and pressure on our resources. However, we also appreciate that we are not alone and know that our supporters have also had their own challenges, both financially, physically and mentally which makes your support even more valued.

Thank you so much again for your support and helping us to deliver our services to those who need it most; it means so much to our staff and the people who we work with.

Kind regards


Community and Corporate Fundraising Officer