“All of us from Bromley Children and Families Voluntary Sector Forum are incredibly grateful to the ‘Widows Sons West Kent Masonic Bikers Association – West Kent Freemasons’ also known as ‘WSWK (MBA)’ for their commitment and generosity to our charity over the years.

WSWK MBA have offered help, support and significant donations which have a positive impact to a wide number of our events and campaigns which directly benefit children and families in Bromley living in need.

We are thankful for their kindness and loyalty, in particular for supporting our Easter Eggstravaganza; donating 100’s of Easter eggs to our charity to distribute to our charity members who work closely with Bromley’s children and families and bring happiness to children at Easter.

And of course for being our main sponsors and financial contributors to our biggest event every year – the SANTA RUN!

The power of the Widows Sons West Kent Masonic Bikers Association – West Kent Freemasons lies in their deep ethos to make a difference to the children and families our 200+ charity members support. There is far more to them than their financial donations. They display and exude kindness, care and compassion, whilst being sensitive, proud and professional.

All of us at Bromley Children and Families Voluntary Sector Forum value our Charity Members and are dedicated to supporting them in a wide range of ways. For us, being supported by WSWK MBA means so much for their support enables us to disseminate Christmas gifts and Easter eggs throughout the whole of the Borough of Bromley, to our charity members, the charity members recognise those in need and distribute items to specific children and families, those who are in need of basic equipment, food, clothing and shelter. The families who are not able to afford more than the basics that so many people take for granted.

There are many children who would not have a Christmas present or an Easter Egg if it wasn’t for the unprecedented kindness of this particular Freemasons group, the WIDOWS SONS WEST KENT MASONIC BIKERS ASSOCIATION!  We send appreciation to any other kind donors who support Bromley Children and Families Forum.

We share our gratitude and thanks to the amazing Widows Sons West Kent Masonic Bikers Association.

From the bottom of our hearts, thanks you.

Bromley Children and Families Voluntary Sector Forum”