In a heroic effort of individual determination and sacrifice, two West Kent Freemasons walked 143miles across the South of England, from Winchester to Canterbury, to raise £10,000 for the MCF.

Worshipful Brothers Andrew Waddington, APGM, and his son James Waddington, Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon walked an average of 25 miles a day for 6 consecutive days across varying terrain, all to raise money for the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF).

Whilst Andrew and James both strongly believe in the valuable work of the MCF, they were aware that through the pandemic and various restrictions, fellow Freemasons across the Province of West Kent, may not have had opportunities to fund raise or carry out activities to support this great cause. They knew that if they challenged themselves to achieve something tangible, they could galvanise lodges, chapters, and Freemasons across the Province to get behind their individual effort.

The Pilgrim’s Way walk is a prehistoric pathway which provided a link between significant British religious sites. Walking the Pilgrims Way in modern times means traversing history on the Roman road, passing medieval Chapels and Abbeys, through to walking the ancient main streets of various important towns in the South of England. It is a walk not for the faint hearted, but for the resolute and those with the conviction needed to complete the journey.

Pushing our adventurers to persevere was the thought of all those West Kent Freemasons, either individually or through their Lodges and chapters who had contributed to their effort, as well as thinking about the impact which their fundraised income could deliver through the MCF.

After walking 341,835 steps, developing injuries and picking up blister, knocks, bumps, bruises and being generally completely exhausted, they said the following on why they chose the MCF:

“With so much need in the world at the moment having a dedicated professional charity dealing with life issues, cutting edge technology in medicine, life saving equipment and genuine human kindness – The MCF was the only choice for a one stop charity to help as many people as possible.” – James 

“When you know all of the good that they do especially in individual Provinces as well as Nationally, Internationally and for individual Masons and their dependents when time are tough, how could this not be the charity of choice?” – Andrew 

Now with the fundraising bug, our travellers have begun planning an equally challenging 140 mile walk in 2023.  The Wessex Ridgeway from Marlborough, Wiltshire to Lyme Regis, Dorset. Andrew and James also intend to raise money for the MCF during this walk.