Members of Edenbridge Lodge supported a young school student, Hattie Gorard (A relation of a late member of the Lodge) towards the cost of an educational visit to NASA, which she had to self fund.

Here is the young lady’s kind reply on returning from her trip.

“Hello Mr Jenner

I am writing to thank you and the Masons for helping me with my trip to NASA.
I had the most amazing, educational trip. It was fascinating to learn so much about the space programme and I even had the opportunity to talk to an astronaut!

All of this made possible by your very kind and generous sponsorship.

Please see attached a collage of my photos.

1st pic ~ we went to the top, it was an air craft which was invented instead of a rocket which travelled up into the atmosphere to gather information
2nd ~ model of the moon landing
3rd ~ mock up of the Russian space craft invented with parts that have actually been to space
4th ~ rocket that actually went to space
5th ~ what we won during our tests there, 1st and 2nd prize!
6th ~ building that monitors Saturn
7th ~ the second largest pool in the world, the place where astronauts train
8th ~ sign as entering the space centre
9th ~ mock up of a rocket that went to space
10th ~ an active control centre for space missions

I hope you all enjoy looking through this. Not quite the same as going there I know!

With kind regards

Hattie Gorard”