We are working closely with our neighbouring Provinces to make a meaningful impact to our community and its stakeholders at this critical time.

Consequently, I would be very interested to hear from any members who might be able to assist with either of the following: –

1) 3D printing

Does any West Kent member have facilities to undertake “3D printing” for PPE purposes?

If so, the necessary production patterns will be provided together with reimbursement for the cost of any raw materials used.

2) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Does any West Kent member have stocks of unwanted PPE equipment – whether out of date or not – which they would be willing to donate to those who are currently most in need?

Should you be able to assist with either of the above requests, please contact me at pgm@westkentmasons.org.uk as soon as you are able.

Kindest regards
 Yours sincerely and fraternally
Mark Estaugh
Provincial Grand Master – Grand Superintendent