The Grand Secretary has issued the following information regarding administrative FAQ that cover most questions that have arisen following the suspension of meetings..
There is an additional FAQ that is not in the above article that will also assist in any other questions.
Question: It has not been or will not be possible to elect my Lodge’s next Master in accordance with the Lodge’s by-laws, but the Installation is due to take place after the suspension ends. What can we do?

Answer: Provided that the suspension will have ended, Rule 106 allows a Master to be elected either (a) on the regular date of Installation (which could be moved by not more than twenty-eight days to a later date), in which case the Master then elected must be installed at a further meeting held within five weeks of that date, or (b) at an emergency meeting held not less than three weeks before the date for the Installation.

I hope you find the above information helpful.
I have also attached a letter that has been sent to all Almoner regarding the distribution of members health information distribution and GDPR rules issued from UGLE.
Yours Sincerely and fraternally,
Provincial Grand Secretary/ Scribe E