In these last 18 months, whilst meeting each other has been somewhat of a challenge, we have continued to engage in our local communities in the form of charitable giving. As we return to our normal routines, it is important to maintain and elevate our engagement and presence in these communities. To that end, we have established a Provincial External Events Team, to promote who we are, what we stand for, and engage with members of the public who show an interest.

The Provincial External Events Team kicked off the post Covid festival season with a bang at Bexfest based in Danson Park (Bexley) over the weekend of 21-22 August 2021. This proved to be a popular event with the public, and our team certainly generated some interest and points of discussion. Over the course of the two days we had a lot of interaction with the public, with some expressing their surprise at our openness. Overall, we were received very warmly by the general public, and were able to use the opportunity to break down the barriers and stereotypes that many have about Freemasons. In addition, it enabled promotion of the invaluable charity work we carry out, as well as our other core precepts of Integrity, Friendship and Respect.

We had a great mix of members assisting, old and new, including two members of The Order of Women Freemasons who joined us.