The following communications release regarding GDPR rules has been received from the Grand Secretary and needs your attention. The refered FAQ’s are also attached to this email.
I write to you in your capacity as Lodge or Chapter Almoner.
Traditionally, many Lodges have included their Almoner’s reports in their Lodge minutes, or circulated them in writing separately. New data protection laws in 2018 changed the position, and guidance was sent to Provinces to assist Lodges to comply with those laws. It is a great personal regret for me that something which has served the Craft so well, and for so long, is no longer lawful but as a reminder, it is no longer lawful for written reports about a brother’s health to be shared unless he has explicitly consented.
There are many ways in which an Almoner can keep interested Lodge members up to date and I attach the guidance on this issue for your information.
Sincerely and fraternally yours,
Dr David Staples FRCP CEO and Grand Secretary