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Hundreds of men took a break from their usual Saturday morning chores recently (10/12/16) to queue up for a test that could save their lives. Instead of a spot of shopping, digging or do-it-yourself, they took part in an amazing project.
They didn’t even have to put their hands in their pockets for this mass P.S.A. prostate cancer blood screening, where 376 men – twice the number expected – was funded by the Province and they threw it open also to friends and relations.
So eager were some men to take the vital test, they turned up almost two hours before the opening time. Three who arrived late for the three-hour session, after everything was packed away, had their blood taken, seated in a corridor.
The test screening was held at Bromley by courtesy of the Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Mark Estaugh, and the team was led by W. Bro. Phil May, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, and Brother Colin Wright.
Soon the men will be receiving the results of the tests, by a team from The Graham Fulford Charitable Trusts, from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.
Those who are told that their P.S.A. (Prostate Specific Antigen) is higher than normal, are advised to have further investigations.
The big screening turned into a cheerful, social affair. Everybody who turned up was offered free tea and coffee… and 200 sipped and chatted while a team of eight phlebotomists got to work.
But, while everything was free, many filled collection boxes to overflowing. The donations came to a staggering £2,431 – with gift aid taking the figure to more than £3,000.
One of the men tested said later: “Many thanks for those who gave up their time so that several hundred could be screened. What a great idea this was to give so many the chance to discover if they needed treatment or not.
“So many lives could be saved if more were inclined to be checked on a regular basis. I shall welcome the results letter, whether it is a green one or a red one, as either will see me around this neck of the woods for a few more years. Thanks again.”
And a spokesman for the Freemasons who attended said: “It seems even a serious matter such as this can bring people together in good spirits. I have no doubt that most of those tested yesterday would never have considered having a PSA test had it not been for the Province making this possible.”

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