“A few weeks ago, an unexpected treasure trove emerged from Sidcup – a collection of seemingly discarded items bound for oblivion in a skip. Yet, as fate would have it, these items proved to hold more value than meets the eye. Ballot boxes, weathered banners, and forgotten relics took on a renewed purpose under WBro Peter Wise’s care, raising a considerable sum for the Association.
For instance, the once-forgotten St. Barbara Lodge banner, aged and defunct, now occupies a place of honour in a private museum up in Newcastle, nestled alongside the venerable Burnt Ash Chapter banners. However, the most remarkable chapter of this tale is yet to be unveiled.
In a twist of serendipity, he recently parted ways with a seemingly ordinary long-handled snuffer and taper holder. Its unassuming nature belied the significance it would hold for its new owner, VWBro. Chris Evans of Monmouthshire. The transaction, a mere tenner on eBay, transformed this seemingly insignificant piece into an invaluable tool for Chris and his colleagues. Delight radiated from his words as he expressed his satisfaction, stating that it’s precisely what they require for the forthcoming UGLE Quarterly Communication, set to grace Newport’s stage in September.
Who could have foreseen such a vibrant second life for an unpretentious relic? So, dear friends, as you journey through the realms of Masonic gatherings, keep a watchful eye – for amidst the tapestries of history and tradition, a simple snuffer and taper holder may weave its thread into a story of unexpected significance.”

Story by West Kent Freemason Peter Wise

Masonic long-handled snuffer and taper holder