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Welcome to this part of our Provincial website which is dedicated to the Holy Royal Arch or ‘Chapter’ as it is more commonly known. The Order of the Holy Royal Arch is the final part of the four-stage journey from Initiation to Exaltation, known as ‘Pure Ancient Masonry’ – and membership is available to every Lodge Member who has been a Master Mason for more than four weeks. Members of the Royal Arch are known as ‘Companions’.

The process of a Master Mason joining a Royal Arch Chapter should be managed with care. The Lodge Mentor taking into account the overall circumstances of the individual and, at the most appropriate time, the Lodge Royal Arch Representative introducing him to a suitable Chapter and guiding him through to membership. The new Companion will have the opportunity to enjoy the special atmosphere of the Royal Arch and the companionship of its members.

To those members of the Craft who are not yet Companions of the Holy Royal Arch, I invite you to speak to your Mentor and your Royal Arch Representative and between you decide when time and circumstance will be right for you join.

Mark Douglas Estaugh 

Most Excellent Grand Superintendent.

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