Bro Ted was initiated into The Old Fraternity Lodge, 3547 on the 28th April 1965 and was welcomed into Kentish Round Table Lodge, 8685 in 2004. His attendance at KRTL was curtailed over the past year or two due to Alzheimer’s, that cruel and disabling disease. When the Lodge Secretary received a letter from the Provincial Office advising of the proposed Presentation of Ted’s 50 year celebration, this proved a problem due to Ted’s condition.

He’d had many falls and epileptic fits and it would be difficult to arrange a venue and date, as Ted was regularly in and out of hospital. The Lodge Secretary asked me, as Almoner, to discuss the matter with Ted’s wife Mo. The concern lay with Ted’s confused state. We felt it best if the presentation was made in the company of faces he recognised, and in a more informal atmosphere. The Provincial Office were very understanding and agreed to our proposal.

I collected the certificate and lapel badge from Bromley. In the meantime Ted was admitted to the RMBI Home at Chislehurst, and the presentation was planned for Friday 17th July. I accompanied our WM along with Fred Carey, our Grand Officer and KRTL Past Master, Fred having proposed Ted into KRTL and known him for over 35 years. The Home found us a nice quiet room overlooking the garden and, as Ted was having one of his “better” days, we all, including Ted, changed into our masonic regalia. Fred chose some kind and thoughtful words in presenting the certificate. The occasion was both emotional and memorable, a great privilege for the three of us and hopefully for Ted.

Richard Butler, Almoner, Kentish Round Table Lodge, No 8685

Ted Foskett

Note: The Executive have, on a number of occasions, presented certificates to Brethren in their homes when a Brother has been unable to attend Lodge meetings through illness or disability. On a couple of occasions the Executive have also presented a certificate to the Lodge, to enable the Lodge to celebrate the occasion and Lodge members to onward present the certificate in similar circumstances to the above.