The West Kent Masonic Metal Detecting Club has now been running for over a year and we host a number of regular detecting events in the local area. We have made some wonderful finds on recent events including roman coins, roman brooches, medieval silver coins and a number of interesting WW1 and WW2 finds.


Do you have or know of any land that the club might be able to detect on?

All members are fully insured by the National Council for Metal Detecting (NCMD) and we promise to replace any holes that we dig neatly and treat the land with the upmost respect. We are happy to provide the land owner with a full summary of the finds made on the day and make a donation towards a charity of your choice.

If you are able to help this Provincial club with access to land (no matter how small) then please contact Fred Estaugh at

We also provide a lost and found service; should you have lost an object let us know and we will be happy to assist in trying to find it for you.

FINALLY – Interested in metal detecting or local history? Then why not think about joining us? Beginners through to experts all welcome.

Fred Estaugh
WKMMDC Club Secretary