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ToyRunPGMOn behalf of the South East Chapter of the Widow’s Sons Masonic Bikers Association I want to say a BIG Thank You to the FreemasonsToyRunSanta, Masonic Centres, Iceni Chapter and individuals who rallied to our appeal for Christmas Toys.   We were overwhelmed by your generosity donating not only toys but money to purchase Christmas presents for under privileged children. You ensured the event was a festive success and brought the representative for the charities to tears.  

On top of the generous donation of toys, some lodges, chapters and individuals donated money totalling £1800 and by our estimate with the toys donated we had in excess of £3000 to donate on your behalf. That made a difference to a lot of children’s Christmas experience.  

The charity coordinators’ expectation was that a few bikes would turn up with a few toys on each bike to give to the charities. However, when we arrived in a cavalcade of 30 noisy motorbikes with riders dressed as Santa, pillions as Elfs, followed by a transit van and two cars stuffed to the brim with toys, the look on the faces of the charity reps was a sight to see. We all had a lump in our throats watching the looks on the kids’ faces (so much for tough hairy bikers eh?).  

Without your generosity and support from R.W.Bro Mark Estaugh PGM of West Kent, it wToyRunToysould not have been so significant an event. Masonry then played its part doing what we do best, getting behind a good cause for the benefit of the community. It’s not what you get out of Masonry but what you put into it that counts, and there are a lot more people out there that are now very much aware of what we can achieve when we set our minds to it. The second London Air Ambulance is just another example of our collective generosity for a good cause impacting on the wider community.  

And that brings me on to our next enterprise on your behalf.  We are planning an Easter egg run and you may see collection bins turning up in your masonic centres. Once again we will be asking for you to possibly donate a chocolate egg or two for us to distribute to those that will appreciate the gesture.

Once again brethren, thank you from the bottom of our leather clad hearts, for your generosity and support of a worthy cause. It was gratefully received and faithfully applied!

Greg “Prep School” Kirby

President SE Chapter Widow’s Sons Masonic Bikers Association

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