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by | Feb 4, 2020


Project Hermes

When the Hermes Project team initially met with the Pilot Regions, one of the most common issues regularly encountered by the Metropolitan, Provincial and District Offices, and a source of frustration by the Sec/SE, was the number of times that Lodge and Chapter meeting summonses were being returned, sometimes more than once, due to inaccuracies with the wording of agenda items that were not compliant with the Book of Constitutions or RA Regulations.

Hermes will be able to assist Secretaries and Scribes E with this as there will be “Agenda Creation” functionality available that will populate specific items on the agenda that need to be Book of Constitutions compliant. There are 19 agenda items proposed for inclusion in this process e.g. Candidate for Initiation, but will not cover regular agenda items such as ‘To Open the Lodge’, nor will it will require a redesign of the existing Lodge/Chapter summons, so each unit will still maintain their individuality.

For example, the Sec/SE will select the ceremony required from a dropdown list, then asked to select the Candidate/Brother (the system will already know the names of eligible Candidates/Brothers for this!!) and then the agenda item will be created with all the required information, to allow the Secretary and Scribes E to copy/paste into their existing summons document.

We are sure that every Sec/SE will embrace this functionality, which will be a major time saver, and will cut out the ‘to & fro’ that occurs now between you and your Met/Prov/Dist Office and which we know is a source of aggravation to both!

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