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by | Oct 8, 2019

Open House London 🔑 – we’ve built a Lodge Room!

It’s finally here! This weekend, Open House London is taking place at Freemasons’ Hall and to mark the occasion, we’ve built this Lodge Room!

⬇⬇⬇ Take a look ⬇⬇⬇

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A new website for North Wales! 🐉

Take a look at this new website from the Provincial Grand Lodge of North Wales…

Looking great – well done to everyone involved!

Warwickshire’s Provincial Grand Master takes to the skies to raise £11,000 for the MCF

The Summer break may have seen many Freemasons relaxing and enjoying the fine weather, but David Macey, Provincial Grand Master for Warwickshire, had other ideas when he decided to jump out of a plane to raise £11,000 for charity.

The Province of Warwickshire is in the early stages of its 2023 Festival and working hard to raise money to support the excellent work of the Masonic Charitable Foundation. The Provincial Grand Master is always one to lead from the front, which led him to search for an opportunity to raise a healthy sum of money for the Festival whilst aiming to inspire the Province to hit and exceed the Festival target.

The jump was an experience of a lifetime, with David’s first words on landing being, ‘I’ve got to do that again’, although his wife Sandra didn’t seem so sure. The exhilaration of the skydive was only increased as the fundraising soared past the target, finishing with £11,000 going to the Festival and the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

Read the full article here

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Commendation Award for West Kent Freemasons

Our PGM MARK ESTAUGH Could not have been more proud nor more humbled to receive, on our member’s behalf, a special Commendation Award from James Hunt, Mayor of Bexley, to acknowledge the outstanding contributions made by West Kent Freemasons during the COVID-19...

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