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This week, Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge took place in the Grand Temple at Freemasons’ Hall – which is always a special occasion. We hope everyone had a fantastic day! In his speech, Pro Grand Master Peter Lowndes gave a special mention to a group of Cheshire Freemasons who cycled from Queen Street in Chester to Great Queen Street in London. They arrived at Freemasons’ Hall the day before Grand Lodge and were met and congratulated by Provincial Grand Master Stephen Blank. The Pro Grand Master also made special mention of Roger Michell, who over the 12 days before Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge, walked from Shrewsbury to Freemasons’ Hall, raising money for Shropshire’s charity festival.

The first Grand Officer’s Luncheon following Quarterly Communications in Freemasons’ Hall was a great success, with attendees impressed with the quality of food and service. We are thrilled that there has been such a positive reaction to the decision to bring the dining in-house and look forward to providing many more fantastic luncheons.

EXTRA COPIES OF FREEMASONRY TODAY AVAILABLE We have a limited number of copies of the latest edition of FMT available for any Provinces who need new material for upcoming open days and events. If you would like some copies, please do get in touch with Dean Simmons on


Prity took up her new position at the beginning of the year, with the role created as part of the internal restructure of UGLE under Grand Secretary and Chief Executive Officer Dr David Staples. “There’s been a shift in the way we operate here at UGLE,’ explains Prity. ‘Departments originally reported directly into the Grand Secretary. Dr Staples has brought in a new level of senior management to develop a professional, fit-for-purpose headquarters for the benefit of our members and staff. “I work closely with the Director of Masonic Services with whom I share an office. It works well, as there is a need for cooperation internally and communication externally to look after our members’ interests.” Read the full interview here

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