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by | Oct 8, 2019

New website for the Provincial Grand Lodge of Cheshire

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Cheshire has launched its new website – two sites to be more accurate. The ‘public facing’ website has been designed with a more modern, clean look and feel, providing sufficient information that the public will find of interest, it also has links to the Provinces three social media accounts, giving the homepage a fresh look each time you visit. The newly created ‘members site’ (home page below), provides a wealth of information for members and to date has been very well received.

Take a look at the new public facing website here.


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Nottinghamshire’s successful Prostate Cancer Screening Programme draws to a close

The fourth and final session of the Nottinghamshire Masons Provincial Prostate Cancer Screening Programme was accomplished at Worksop Masonic Hall on 27th June 2019.

Of the 400 Freemasons examined in the Programme, 10% have had a follow-up examination, of which four individuals have started treatment. Four lives have been saved, which is a massive outcome for the campaign.

Because of this campaign, the Province of Nottinghamshire hope that more individuals have been made aware of this disease, its symptoms and what to do.

Read more about the initiative here

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