No. 1223

To W.Bro. Ted Smith, Provincial Grand Secretary

Dear W.Bro. Ted,

At the Worshipful Master’s behest, and on behalf of the members of The Amherst Lodge No 1223, I would like to express and place on record our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Provincial Support Team led by W.Bro. John Olbrechts, for their advice, support and assistance given both to individuals, and to our Lodge.

I could name all those who have attended to support our Lodge at various meetings but there have been so many from different Lodges that I hope it suffices to say “Thank you all, from the Amherst Lodge” to The West Kent Provincial Support Team. The concept and practice of having a support team in our province, and the benefits it brings, has been witnessed by young (newly Initiated) and older (experienced Masons) in action at The Amherst Lodge meetings and festive boards. A true “Spirit of Brotherhood” is evident during their attendance, and their presence and conduct has been used as an example to attendees, that they are witnessing a truly Masonic experience, support in time of need for a Brother, the Brethren, and for our Lodge.

At Amherst Lodge, we are very appreciative of the assistance received and, thanks to that support, we are hoping to have two Initiates and a joining member to celebrate in 2017. We hope to build on the foundations that have been reinforced with assistance from The Provincial Support Team.

When and where possible our Brethren will continue to visit and support other Lodges, a practice easily thwarted in times of difficulty and hardship. But especially for our younger Brethren, seeing the friendship and support given freely from other Masons, in many ways helps them to understand the true meaning of the Fraternity that they have recently entered into.

Yours Sincerely and Fraternally
Peter Rhymes
Secretary Amherst Lodge No 1223