On Saturday 24th October, 152 members and their guests attended the Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge for a meeting to pass Bro Gianpaolo Vitulano on behalf of the Lodge of Rectitude 5882. It was the first time the Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge has conducted a “live” ceremony and on this occasion a team was selected from the last three years’ Boards of Stewards to undertake the work.

Those who performed were Neil Dale as WM; Stuart Roberts as SW; Trevor Champ as JW; Kerry Allon as SD; Andrew Waddington as JD and Andy Butler as IG. The 2nd degree working tools were explained by Eric Lewis; an explanation of the FC apron by Ian Mealings; the Charge by Trevor Atkins and the 2nd Degree Tracing Board by John Head.  The team were led by the Lodge Director of Ceremonies, Perri Ahmet.

Afterwards the WM of the Stewards Lodge, Fred Halligan, thanked the team for their sincere and excellent work and remarked that he “couldn’t single out anyone for special mention as you all gave perfect performances and came together as a team.”

StewardsGroup2        StewardsMaster2

RW Bro Mark Estaugh PGM, who is a member of the Lodge, took this opportunity to invest W.Bro Roland Stokes as the Provincial Grand Charity Steward.