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Role of the Provincial Grand Secretary and Scribe E

The Secretary’s and Scribe E’s Handbook  is produced primarily for the information and assistance of the newly appointed Lodge Secretary and Chapter Scribe E. It s also useful for the experienced Secretary or Scribe E when checking a particular method or action required prior to implementing a change of policy within the Lodge.

Remember that the problem or unusual situation which is presenting itself to you is probably one which has been dealt with by the Provincial Office many times in the past. If you are in doubt in regard to the correct course of action, then a telephone call or personal visit to the Provincial Office could save you considerable time and worry.

Whilst some references have been made in this handbook to the Royal Arch, to include them all would make this handbook cumbersome and confusing, therefore where a reference is made to Craft Masonry, Scribes E should consider whether or not this applies equally to the Royal Arch. Every effort has been made to include relevant Book of Constitutions Rules and Regulations.

Where specific Rules or Regulations are quoted, Rules apply to the Craft and Regulations to the Royal Arch and are taken from the “United Grand Lodge of England Constitutions and Supreme Grand Chapter Regulations” (Book of Constitutions).

Click HERE for the Secretary’s and Scribe E’s Handbook

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