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Role of the Treasurers

Guidance for Lodge Treasurers

This booklet is produced primarily for the information of newly appointed Lodge or Chapter Treasurers, but it is hoped that it will also prove to be useful source to those who are already in office. It has been written mainly with reference to Lodges but, with a few presentational amendments where appropriate, the content applies equally to Chapters and other Orders.

The Role of an Auditor

Guidance for all Lodge and Chapter Auditors is available. Click  HERE to view that page.

Lodge/Chapter Treasurer’s Support Team

A reminder that the Treasurer’s Support Team members are available to assist any Lodge/Chapter Treasurer that is either having difficulties with their accounts or just need some general advice from an experienced Treasurer. Please note that all enquiries will be treated in the strictest of confidence.
  1. Provincial   Grand Treasurer – Peter   Sawyer
  2. Groups   1, 3 and 4 Craft – Alan   Cope
  3. Group   2 Craft, Group 1 & 2 RA – Stuart   Gray




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