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Provincial Grand Charity Steward

The Provincial Grand Charity Steward is appointed by the Provincial Grand Master to oversee all matters relating to Charity within the Province.

To work with the Provincial Executive on agreeing and implementing policy on fund raising and the distribution of funds.

To advise Lodge and Chapter Charity Stewards on best practice for fund raising, holding charity funds, maintaining records and the distribution of funds.

To receive and process applications for funding to the Provincial Charity Committee for consideration at their quarterly meetings.

To work with the West Kent Lodge of Charity in arranging fund raising events on behalf of the Province.

Charity Steward

Role of the Lodge or Chapter Charity Steward is to champion all forms of charitable activity within the Lodge or Chapter but, primarily, it involves fundraising. It should never be undertaken lightly, as it requires a personal commitment of time and effort. Initiating and leading fundraising within the Lodge or Chapter not only brings financial benefits for Masonic and non-Masonic charitable causes alike, but also affords great personal satisfaction from many uplifting or humbling experiences and a great deal of fun along the way!

The duties and fundraising activities can be undertaken in as many ways and styles as there are Charity Stewards, but a common pathway to success is to build a relationship of trust and goodwill with the membership, by exhibiting expertise and professionalism.

Fundraising priorities will vary according to individual Provinces, Lodges or Chapters and whether or not a Province is in Festival. Specific duties of the Charity Steward may be summarised as follows:

· Raising and collecting money.

· Administering funds and keeping them safe.

· Disbursing funds as and when required and authorised.

· From time to time, organising Brethren or Companions to give of their time and efforts to charitable activities.

· Undertaking other duties as directed, particularly during a Festival.

At all times the Charity Steward has to walk a fine line between presenting a impelling case for giving on one the hand and being a nuisance on the other. Having a regular interaction with the membership will assist in drawing this constantly moving line. Dependent upon the particular fundraising activity, enlisting the help of others, from influential senior to enthusiastic junior Brethren, wives and partners will often pay dividends.

An explanation of a Freemason’s undertaking to support charity, within his means, is essential for each Candidate at the outset of his Masonic career. It is important to remember that the raising, administering and disbursing of funds in the name of charity must always be done within the law.

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