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Following the success of the PSA Testing Sessions held in 2016/17 – from which 8 cancers have been revealed so far – the Provincial Grand Master is supporting another session at: Oakley House, Bromley Common, BR2 8HA on Saturday 4th November between 10.30 am and 1.00 pm.

To book places at the session, e-mail: or telephone 01689 811302 giving your name and contact details. The test is free – but you may wish to make a donation.

This session is open to our members, their families and their close friends aged 40 and upwards who have NOT attended one of the previous sessions. If you feel an additional test is necessary, we must direct you to your GP, who should provide it free of charge.

Recent research has revealed that men in their 40s have a low occurrence of Prostate Cancer but if detected is more likely to be an aggressive form so are advised to get checked out. Very often there are no apparent symptoms. Detecting prostate cancer early provides the opportunity for a definitive cure using minimally invasive techniques.

The Province of West Kent has again teamed up with the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust to provide private PSA testing with analysis by a Consultant Urological Surgeon and written results and advice being posted direct to the patient in 7–10 days.

The Provincial Grand Almoner, Bob Order, and his Team have developed a short Powerpoint Presentation for Lodges and Chapters who wish to raise awareness of this disease.

The Team will also be providing literature, Internet links, and talks on other health and wellbeing issues, including: Blood Pressure, Weight (BMI), Cholesterol, Eye Health, Testicular Cancer, Skin Cancer, COPD, Arthritis, Depression, Exercise, Tobacco Use and many more. To request a Presentation from the Team, or register for further information, please contact Colin: or telephone 01689 811302.

Philip J May
Assistant Provincial Grand Master


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