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Tercentenary Events

A full list of our Tercentenary Events can be found here.

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Jurassic Coast Adventure 2017

Brethren, I am delighted to share with you the enjoyment that your donations have given to so many children. Through your generosity the Tercentenary Appeal raised just under £115,000 and we have given donations ranging from £500 for repairs to a church gate in Swanley, £10,000 to train dogs to detect diabetes traumas in young children to, of course, £50,000 to Canterbury Cathedral.
One exciting project we supported was the initiative from the Province of Dorset to give children a Jurassic Adventure.
We in West Kent joined forces with East Kent and invited 16 disadvantaged children from the Young Lives Foundation based in Maidstone. Both Provinces donated £4000 and UGLE match funded with £8000.
The published aim was to celebrate the Tercentenary, but in reality it achieved far more. They had around 200 children and 45 accompanying adults who enjoyed a great week.
The great thing was the achievements from 200 very deserving children. The children did more individually than they would ever have been expected of them and all went away with memories they will never forget.
With the money raised Dorset were able to present each child with two T-shirts (see photo) and a baseball cap on arrival. You will observe that these went down well, being worn for all photos. They were also able to give £5 per day per child as pocket money. I am told this got the biggest cheer.
To end the week, the Assistant Grand Master, Sir David Hugh Wootton, presented group photos and a Certificate of Achievement for each child. I am also told that the AGM enjoyed his day more than the children.
As you may be aware we need permission to publish photographs and the YLF did not get this for our children, hence they are not in the group photographs.
Once again many thanks for your support, I hope you feel as good as I do about our involvement.
Bob King

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A few pictures taken at the reception after the Canterbury Cathedral Service in February showing the Grand Master meeting some of the members of West Kent

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Some pictures taken at the Gala Dinner and Dance on Saturday 11 March 2017


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Donation to Marjorie McClure School

W.Bro Bob King, Chairman of the Tercentenary Appeal, was joined at a Special Morning Assembly at Marjorie McClure School, Chislehurst by W.Bro Roland Stokes, Provincial Grand Charity Steward, W.Bro Keith Fairweather APGM and W.Bro Ray Parish whose son Steve, a Past Master of Oakwood Lodge, is a former pupil.

They presented Mrs Denise James-Mason, the Head Teacher, with a donation of £4,000 from the Tercentenary Appeal.

Marjorie McClure school is for children with complex special needs and the money will be used to provide the students with extra-curricular activities throughout the year. Mrs James-Mason thanked the team and all the members of West Kent for their generosity and gave an assurance the money would be wisely spent.

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Pictures from the Tercentenary Celebrations at the Royal Albert Hall on 31 October 2017


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