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PGM’s Address – POM – March 2019

Brethren, my grateful thanks to you all for your attendance this evening and, as always, for your support throughout the Masonic season – specifically ahead of the forthcoming Provincial Grand Lodge (PGL) meeting, where I look forward to seeing you all. Firstly, I am...

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Address by Most Excellent Grand Superintendent Brethren, my grateful thanks go to you for your attendance in such great numbers and, as always, for your support throughout the last Masonic season and in advance of the forthcoming season which promises to be even more...

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‘Your NHS Needs You’ – NHS call for volunteer army

Mark Estaugh our Provincial Grand, many other West Kent Freemasons and Freemasons across the country have already volunteered to become an NHS Volunteer, most are already on the approved list. We understand another 170,000 have done so in the last 24 hours. If you...

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