Pan fried Seabass fillet with wilted spinach, buttered new potatoes & Jerusalem artichokes, roasted cherry tomatoes and a light fish stock reduction.


• Ask your fishmonger to filet and pin bone the seabass and give you the bones (not the skin or head) put the bones in a small saucepan add half a glass of white wine, half a sliced onion, parsley stalks and a stick of chopped celery, one cup of water. Bring to the boil, simmer gently for 20mins, pass through a fine sieve and reserve warm.
• Boil your new potatoes and artichokes for 15 – 20 mins after washing well (scrub with green scourer if necessary). Cool enough to handle then quarter or slice.
• Place Cherry tomatoes on a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil, garlic & season well. Roast for 7 mins at 220 degrees Celsius. (Just give a light burnt texture to the skin). Cool down and reserve the oil and juices.
• Dust the cut in half Seabass fillets with seasoned flour.

Show time
• Heat two frying pans till hot, drizzle with olive oil
• Pan Fry seabass for 4mins on skin side down and turnover for a further 2mins, allow to rest.
• Place washed spinach in the other pan, add potatoes, artichokes and fry off lightly, after 1 min add and warm the tomatoes in the same pan.
• Dress the plate with the vegetables
• Place on top the seabass
• Pour over the hot fish stock (add some chopped chives if wanted)
• Garnish on top with washed rocket and juices from the tomatoes.

Gordon White Master C.G.C
Chef Manager
Harrison Catering Services