The Orations can be delivered in Lodges when candidates have recently been initiated, passed, or raised, and Lodges are actively encouraged to be in contact with the Provincial Orator and to invite either him or one of his team to the Lodge. Orations can also be given in Lodges that do not have any candidates and will thus be a welcome addition to what is available for them to do at their meetings.

The Orations have been written to enhance rather than to replace the lessons contained in the rituals. Some brethren are so engrossed in the task of learning the rituals that their curiosity in the meaning of the words may pass them by. Orations are there to stimulate curiosity.

The Orations are individual, freestanding, short talks of no more than ten minutes, which will each focus on a particular aspect of the Craft and the deeper meaning of the ritual and its symbolism. The topics covered by the Orations can be as wide and varied as Freemasonry itself. They are not formal lectures and the intention is that they may often be followed by a question and answer session and a discussion which will be facilitated by the Provincial Orator or his representative.

Feedback is important for the success of this initiative and at the end of the meeting the Provincial Orators or their assistants will ask the brethren what they thought about the oration and the session. This will help to ensure that the material remains as relevant and interesting as possible.


For more information in the Province of West Kent click to HERE view the Orator’s page.