North East Corner Club

The North East Corner Club (NECC) is an initiative aimed at helping younger Freemasons who have recently been Initiated, Passed or Raised to find their feet and gain a better understanding of various aspects of Freemasonry.

The NECC in West Kent has just changed the format for some of its presentations and is currently undertaking demonstrations of the three degrees with added commentary. The commentaries explain the meanings of the degrees, and the ritual, and hopefully  attendees will gain a better understanding of the ceremonies.

It is intended that demonstrations will be delivered at most of the Masonic Centres throughout the Province. Usually the demonstrations will be presented as a Lodge of Instruction, held in the evening and with no requirement to wear regalia. Alternatively, some Lodges may offer to ‘sponsor’ a demonstration at one of their meetings.

It was apparent from the significant numbers who attended the first demonstration in late April 2014, which was hosted by the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge, that it was not only the younger Mason who had an interest in expanding their knowledge. Whilst the thrust of the presentations will always be directed towards the newer members, personal and Lodge Mentors are encouraged to attend too, together with anyone else who finds the topics of interest to them.

The NECC is seen as an intrinsic part of Mentoring within the Province.

The venue and details of the next demonstration will be announced on the Provincial website in the near future as well as through the Provincial Mentoring network.