’Music Lodge’ update.

by | Jan 14, 2019


At St Martins Barnehurst Lodge this evening, it was decided to hold an ‘extraordinary meeting’ on Monday 4th February in order to install WBro’ Eric Lewis into the chair as Master. If you’d like to attend please contact the secretary (who’s details are given below) – all of you would be most welcome! If you wish to stay and dine as a ‘paying guest’, the meal will cost £24.

This is the first major step in reinvigorating St Martins Barnehurst Lodge into a ‘Music themed Lodge’ for the Province of West Kent.

Now we’re looking for joining members to boost our numbers so that this lodge goes on to become the success it deserves to (and will undoubtedly) be!

So, if you love music, if you’re a musician or a great fan of music (any / all genres), if you’re looking for a lodge that will be different from the norm’, if you’d like to spend time in the company of other brethren that share a passion for music, if you’d like to involve yourself, your wife / partner or family in a lodge that will have a fantastic social life – arranging trips to concerts, shows and musical venues – as well as having occasional ‘guest acts’ at our festive boards etc., then this is the lodge for you!

Whether you’re a ‘Grand Officer’ or the newest ‘entered apprentice’, if you want to progress through to the chair, take office, join our new ‘social organising committee’ or just be a ‘knife and fork’ member, all will be welcomed with open arms!

Lots of you have previously made ‘expressions of interest’ so now is the time to put your proverbial ‘money where your mouth is’….

If you’d like to join our ‘musical’ ranks, send an e-mail along with your form ‘P’ (downloadable from the link below) to the secretary (W’Bro’ Greg Jordan) at….



…I and many others would be only too pleased to ‘propose’ and / or ‘second’ you into this lodge and you can become part of this exciting new project!

Membership fees are £200 a year and this includes all of your meals (exclusive of wine). Guests currently dine at £24 each and the food at Welling (if you’ve not tried it recently) is superb! Great value!

The lodge meets 4 times a year at Welling on the 2nd Tuesday in January (installation), 2nd Tuesday in March, 2nd Tuesday in May and the 1st Tuesday in October.

Please feel free to ask any questions of W Bro Daniel SPENCER at c5djs@icloud.com or contact him directly on 07809 235294.

Thank you Brethren!

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