Masonic Centres in West Kent

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Below is a list of each centre and the Lodges and Chapters that hold meetings there, including regular meeting dates.


13 Union Waterloo – 2nd Wed Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov (I)
299 Lodge of Emulation – Last Tue Sep (I) to May ex Dec
2980 Eltham Palace – 1st Tue Mar, Nov (I), 1st Thu May, 2nd Tue Sep
4266 Gavelkind – 3rd Sat Jan, Feb, Mar, Oct (I), Nov
5819 Priory – 4th Sat Jan, Feb, Apr, Oct (I), Nov
5865 Erdemont – 1st Sat Feb, Apr, Oct (I), Dec
5873 Swanley – 3rd Mon Jan, Mar, May, Oct (I)
6206 Loyal Darenth Valley – 1st Thu Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct (I), Nov, Dec
6336 Crayford – 4th Wed Jan, Mar, May (I), Sep, Nov
6417 Seven Stars – 2nd Sat Jan, Mar, May, 4th Sat Sep (I), 1st Sat Nov
6668 Lodge of St Giles and St Luke – 4th Sat Mar, Jul, Nov (I), 3rd Sat Jun, 2nd Sat Sep
6868 Lodge of Sincerity – 3rd Thu Jan, Apr, Oct
7480 Kentmere – 2nd Tue Oct, Dec, 1st Tue Apr, 3rd Tue Feb (I)
7558 Black Prince – 2nd Sat Apr, Sep (I), Oct, 3rd Sat May, Dec
7742 Merton Abbey – 3rd Thu Jan (I), May, Nov, 2nd Thu Mar, 1st Wed Sep
7849 County Gate – 2nd Tue Feb, Apr, 3rd Tue Jul (I), Sep, Nov
8179 Castlewood – 2nd Fri Jan, Mar, May, Sep (I), Nov
8219 Universal – 2nd Mon Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct (I), Dec
8710 William D’Aeth – 3rd Wed Mar, Jun, Sep (I), Dec
8866 Eltham – 2nd Wed Feb, Oct, Dec, 3rd Tue Mar (I), May
8914 Cygnet – 3rd Wed Feb, May (I), Nov, 4th Mon Sep
8967 Radiant Star – 1st Sat Jan, 4th Sat May (I), 2nd Sat Jul, 3rd Sat Sep
9020 Trismegistus – 4th Thu Jan, Mar, May (I), Oct, Nov
9062 North Kent Masters’ – 2nd Fri Feb, Jun (I), 3rd Fri Sep
9088 Cassii – 1st Wed Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec (I)
9202 Meridian Lodge of West Kent – 1st Wed Mar (I), 3rd Tue Jun, 4th Thu Sep, 1st Fri Dec
9485 Friends of Kent – 4th Fri Mar, Nov (I), 3rd Fri Jan
9610 West Kent Lodge of Charity – 3rd Sat Feb (I), Oct
9802 Braidwood – 1st Tue Feb, Sep (I), Dec, 2nd Tue May
9899 Motorcyling Lodge of West Kent – 4th Mon Mar, Jun, Nov (I), 3rd Sat May
C13 Union Waterloo – 4th Wed Feb (I), 1st Wed Jun, 3rd Wed Oct
C299 Chapter of Emulation – 4th Fri Jan, Jun (I), 3rd Thu Sep
C2499 North Kent – 2nd Sat Feb, Nov (I), 3rd Sat Apr
C2817 St Bride – 1st Mon Mar, 2nd Fri Oct, 3rd Mon Dec (I)
C7849 County Gate – 4th Fri Feb, Jul (I), 3rd Fri Nov
C8219 Universal – 4h Mon Jan, Jun (I), Oct
C8565 West Kent Provincial Grand Stewards’ – 1st Sat Apr (I), Oct
C9062 North Kent First Principals’ – 4th Mon Feb, 3rd Fri Jun, 1st Tue Oct (I)



1223 Amherst – 2nd Wed Feb, May (I), Sep, Nov
1414 Knole – 1st Tue Oct to Apr ex Jan, Nov (I)
3601 Sir Edward Clarke – 2nd Sat Feb, May (I), Oct, Dec
3947 Peace and Concord – 1st Sat Feb, Oct (I), 3rd Sat Apr, 4th Sat Nov
6405 Chelsfield – 2nd Thu May (I), Dec, 3rd Thu Feb, Oct
6932 William Sennocke – 4th Thu Oct to Apr (I) ex Dec
7475 Westerham – 1st Mon Feb, Apr, Oct (I), Dec
8593 Anderida Lodge of Installed Masters – 3rd Tue Feb (I), 1st Tue Jun, 4th Tue Sep
8659 Biggin Hill – 4th Mon Feb, Oct, 2nd Mon Dec, 1st Mon Jun (I)
8685 Kentish Round Table – 3rd Thu Jan, Mar (I), May, Sep, Nov
8882 Sevenoaks Weald – 4th Fri Jan, 1st Fri Apr, Oct (I), last Fri Nov
9279 Fiennes Cornwallis – 4th Tue May (I), 1st Tue Sep
C1223 Amherst – 1st Wed Feb, May, Oct (I)
C1414 Knole – 2nd Thu Feb, 3rd Wed May (I), Nov
C3601 Sir Edward Clarke – 4th Wed Mar, Nov (I), 4th Fri May
C3947 Widmore – 1st Wed Mar (I), Nov, 4th Wed May
C8659 Biggin Hill – 4th Tue Nov, 2nd Tue Feb, May (I)
C8882 Sevenoaks Weald – 4th Wed Feb (I), Oct, 1st Wed Jun

Tunbridge Wells


874 Holmesdale – 3rd Wed Oct to May (I) ex Jan
1678 Medway – 4th Wed Feb, Mar, May (I), Oct, Nov
2200 Pantiles – 1st Wed Oct (I) to Apr ex Jan
4273 Lodge of the Men of Kent and Kentish Men – 4th Sat Feb, Apr, Nov, last Sat Sep (I)
5263 Wells – 2nd Wed Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct (I), Nov, Dec
7203 Southborough – 2nd Thu Oct (I) to Apr ex Dec
9563 Town of Bridges – 1st Tue Mar, Jun (I), Oct, Dec
C874 Holmesdale – 4th Tue Jan (I), Mar, May, Nov
C1678 Medway – 2nd Tue Mar, May, 1st Tue Nov (I)
C4273 Chapter of the Men of Kent and Kentish Men – 1st Thu Feb, May (I), Nov
C8593 Anderida First Principals’ – 2nd Mon Jan, May (I), Sep

Willmington & Greenhithe


1422 Beauchamp – 2nd Sat Jun, Sep, 4th Sat Feb (I), Oct
1837 Lullingstone – 2nd Tue Oct to May (I)
2148 Walsingham – 1st Sat May, Jul (I), Sep, Nov
5448 Pickwick – 2nd Wed Feb, Apr, Oct (I), Dec
5700 Danson Park – 3rd Thu Feb, Apr (I), 1st Thu Sep, 2nd Thu Nov
7129 Old Bexley – 1st Thu Feb, Mar, May (I), Oct, Nov
8311 Helios – 4th Wed Jan (I), 2nd Wed Mar, May, Nov
8333 Richard of Bordeaux – 4th Sat Jan, Apr (I), Jun, Nov
8451 Harmony and Unity – 1st Sat Feb (I), Oct, 3rd Sat May, Nov
8462 Eglantine – 3rd Fri Jan, Mar, May (I), 4th Fri Sep, Nov
8684 Eynsford Castle – 2nd Fri Feb, Apr (I), Jun, Oct, Dec
8784 White Horse of Kent – 3rd Mon Jan, Mar, May, Sep (I), Nov
8885 Lodge of Highcroft Crockenhill – 2nd Mon Mar (I), Jun, Sep, Dec

2499 North Kent – 1st Sat Feb, Mar, May (I), Oct, Dec
5449 Greenhythe – 2nd Wed Oct to Mar, Feb (I)

C1837 Lullingstone – 1st Fri Feb, May (I), Oct, Dec
C3965 Lesney Park Chapter of Erith – 4th Tue Feb (I), Apr, Oct
C5819 Priory – 2nd Sat Mar, May (I), Oct
C5865 Erdemont – 1st Sat Mar, 2nd Sat Jul, Nov (I)
C7432 Albany Park – 4th Sat May (I), 3rd Sat Oct, 1st Sat Dec
C7722 Hundred of Axstane – 4th Wed Mar (I), Sep, 1st Wed Jul
C8333 Richard of Bordeaux – 2nd Sat Apr (I), Dec, 4th Sat Sep

C5449 Greenhythe – 2nd Wed Apr, May Sep (I)




3042    Camden Place – 1st Thu Feb, Dec, 3rd Thu Mar (I), Oct
8378    Good Neighbour – 4th Fri Apr, Sep, Nov (I)



1107 Cornwallis – 2nd Sat Feb, Apr (I), Oct, Dec
1531 Chislehurst – 4th Sat Apr, 3rd Sat Jun (I), Jul, Sep
2041 West Kent Volunteer – 1st Sat Mar (I), May, Jul, Oct
2147 Crays Valley – 3rd Wed Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct (I), Nov
2948 West Wickham – 1st Tue Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Nov (I)
4110 Lee-Kent – 3rd Sat Feb, Apr, Sep, Nov (I)
4241 Westcombe Park – 2nd Mon Feb, 3rd Tue Apr, 2nd Tue Sep (I), Nov
4810 Manor of Bromley – 1st Sat Nov (I) to Apr ex Mar
4988 Ashburton Park – 3rd Sat Feb, Apr, 1st Sat Nov, 2nd Sat Sep (I)
5136 Orpington – 2nd Thu Jan, Mar, May, Sep (I), Nov
5338 Justin – 1st Sat Feb, May (I), Oct, Dec
5435 Petts Wood – 2nd Sat Jan (I), Mar, Nov, 3rd Sat May
5512 Park Langley – 2nd Sat Jan, 1st Sat Mar, Jun, 3rd Sat Oct (I)
5572 Heritage – 4th Sat Jan, Mar (I), Oct, Nov
5701 Kelsey Park – 1st Thu Feb (I), May, Oct, Dec
5778 West Kent Masters’ – 3rd Thu Jan, Apr (I), last Thu Sep
5882 Rectitude – 3rd Tue Jan, Mar, May, Oct (I), Nov
6283 Vale of Beck – 3rd Mon Jan, Mar, Sep, Nov (I)
6404 Ravensmead – 4th Thu Jan, Mar (I), May, Nov, 3rd Thu Sep
6548 Mountsfield – 3rd Sat Jan, Mar, 2nd Sat May, Sep (I), Nov
6882 Three Columns of Shrewsbury Park – 4th Sat Feb, May, Sep, 2nd Sat Dec (I)
7048 Fearn Berga – 4th Wed Feb (I), Apr, Oct, 4th Thu Nov
7049 Godyngton – 1st Tue Feb, 2nd Tue Apr (I), Oct, Dec
7492 Eadgar – 1st Thu Mar, May (I), Oct, Dec
7939 Empress – 3rd Thu Mar, Nov, 3rd Mon May, 4th Wed Sep (I)
8128 Bromley Invicta – 3rd Tue Feb, Apr, 1st Tue Oct, 1st Mon Dec (I)
8299 Oakwood – 2nd Fri Feb, Apr, Oct, Dec (I)
8409 Plantagenets – 4th Tue Mar (I), May, Nov, 1st Tue Oct
8565 West Kent Provincial Grand Stewards’ – 4th Sat Feb, Oct, 2nd Sat Jun (I)
8833 New Ripon Falls – 3rd Thu Feb, Apr, Jun, Sep (I)
8936 Ravensbrook – 1st Tue Feb, Dec, 2nd Tue May (I), 3rd Tue Oct
8958 Oakley – 3rd Sat Jan, Mar, May (I), Oct
9012 Pillars of Kent – 2nd Mon Feb, Mar, May, Oct, Dec (I)
9022 Scadbury Park – 1st Mon Apr, Dec, 2nd Mon Oct (I)
9192 Lodge of Eos – 3rd Thu Feb, 1st Thu Apr (I), Dec, 2nd Thu Oct
9246 Brownhill – 3rd Sat Dec, 2nd Sat Mar, May, 4th Sat Oct
9330 West Ferry – 3rd Mon Feb, Nov (I), 4th Mon Mar, 2nd Mon Jun
9383 Mandalay – 3rd Mon Jan, Sep, 2nd Mon Mar, May (I), 1st Mon Nov
9799 West Kent Scriveners’ – 3rd Sat Jan (I), 2nd Thu Jun
C1314 William Russell – 1st Wed Feb, Apr, Oct (I)
C2041 West Kent Volunteer – 3rd Thu Feb, Jun (I), Nov
C2147 Crays Valley – 1st Sat Jun (I), Oct 3rd Sat Dec
C2948 West Wickham – 3rd Fri Jan (I), Mar, Oct
C4810 Manor of Bromley – 2nd Thu Jan, Mar (I), Oct
C5085 John Roan School – 4th Tue Mar, Sep (I), 3rd Tue May
C5338 Justin – 3rd Sat Feb, May, 4th Sat Oct (I)
C5435 Petts Wood – 4th Fri Feb, 3rd Thu Apr (I), 2nd Tue Oct
C5512 Park Langley – 2nd Wed Apr, Sep, Dec (I)
C5572 Heritage – 4th Tue Jan (I), Apr, Oct
C5778 West Kent First Principals – 3rd Fri Feb, Apr (I), Nov
C6404 Ravensmead – 4th Mon Feb (I), Sep, 2nd Mon May
C7476 Chapter of Reliance – 2nd Fri Mar (I), Oct, 1st Fri May
C8299 Oakwood – 2nd Sat Jan (I), Jun, Nov
C8936 Ravensbrook – 1st Wed Mar (I), Jun, Nov
C8958 Oakley – 1st Mon Mar, Jun, Nov (I)
C9012 Pillars of Kent – 4th Wed Feb, Jul, Oct (I)
C9195 Probus Ante Meridiem – 2nd Thu Apr, 1st Thu Sep, Nov (I)
C9383 Mandalay – 3rd Mon Feb, Apr, Nov, 3rd Sat Sep (I)




C1692 Hervey & Companions Chapter 

829 Sydney – 1st Tue Mar, 3rd Tue Apr, 2nd Tue Jun, Sep (I), 4th Tue Nov
1692 Hervey and Kentish Companions – 3rd Tue Jan, 4th Tue May, 1st Mon Sep (I), 4th Thu Nov
2530 Shirley Woolmer – 3rd Tue Oct (I) to Mar ex Jan
5614 Lamorbey – 2nd Sat Feb, Apr, Jun, Nov (I), 1st Sat Sep
5826 Falconwood – 1st Tue Feb, Apr, Oct (I), 2nd Tue May
5842 Loyalty and Remembrance – 3rd Sat Feb, May (I), Sep, Nov
5963 St John Lodge of Fidelity – 4th Sat Jan, Feb, Nov (I), 2nd Sat Sep
5976 Welling – 1st Thu Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov (I)
5977 Manor of Bexley – 1st Sat Mar (I), Dec, 4th Sat May, Jun, 2nd Sat Oct
6161 Manor Way – 2nd Thu Jan, May, 3rd Thu Mar, Oct (I)
6285 Burnt Ash – 4th Thu Jan, Mar, Oct, 2nd Thu Jun (I)
6416 Heart of Oak – 4th Wed Feb, Mar, Apr, Oct (I), Nov
6552 Sidcup – 3rd Fri Jan, Jun, Nov, 2nd Fri Mar (I), 4th Fri Apr, 1st Fri Oct
6753 Mottingham – 2nd Tue Feb (I), Mar, Apr, Oct, Nov
6834 Lodge of Equity – 1st Wed Feb, 4th Sat Mar, 3rd Thu May, 4th Thu Sep (I), 3rd Wed Nov
6875 Kemnal – 4th Thu Apr, Jun, 4th Wed Sep, 2nd Wed Feb, Nov (I)
6978 St Vincent – 3rd Thu Feb, Apr, 1st Thu Oct (I), 2nd Thu Dec
6996 Tottenham Secundus – 4th Fri Feb, 2nd Fri Apr, Dec, 1st Fri Sep (I)
7238 Elizabethan – 2nd Wed Jan, Mar, May (I), Oct
7379 Lodge of Ideal Endeavour – 1st Mon Mar, Dec (I), 3rd Thu Jun, 2nd Thu Sep
7589 Plumstead – 2nd Sat Jan, 3rd Sat Mar (I), Jul, Oct, Dec
8045 Lodge of Endeavour – 4th Mon Feb (I), 1st Mon Apr, 4th Wed Jun, 2nd Wed Sep, 1st Wed Dec
8398 Rookesley – 1st Mon Feb (I), Oct, 3rd Mon Jun, 2nd Mon Dec
8552 Nethinim – 1st Fri Feb (I), Apr, 3rd Fri Sep, Oct, 3rd Thu Dec
9164 Hundred of Wilmington – 2nd Fri Feb, Jun (I), Nov, 3rd Fri Apr
9195 Probus Ante Meridiem – 3rd Tue Jan, Apr, Jul (I), Oct
9411 West Kent Wheel of Friendship – 2nd Thu Mar, Oct, Nov, 4th Thu May (I)
9792 Alma – 4th Wed Jan, 3rd Fri Mar (I), 2nd Wed Jun, 4th Mon Oct
C77 Hermes – 1st Wed Sep, 2nd Wed Apr (I), Jul
C829 Sydney – 2nd Mon Feb (I), 3rd Mon May, Sep
C1536 Cornwallis – 1st Wed Mar (I), 3rd Wed May, 4th Fri Sep

C1692 Hervey & Companions Chapter
C2530 Shirley Woolmer – 4th Tue Jan, Apr, Sep (I)
C4918 Bexley Heath – 1st Wed Jun, 3rd Wed Sep (I), Dec
C5614 Lamorbey – 3rd Sat Jan (I), 1st Sat May, Oct
C5976 Welling – 1st Thu Apr, Jun, Dec (I)
C5977 Manor of Bexley – 1st Sat Feb, Jun, 3rd Sat Nov (I)
C6161 Manor Way – 4th Tue Feb, 2nd Fri Oct (I), 2nd Wed Dec
C6285 Burnt Ash – 3rd Mon Feb, Oct (I), 4th Mon Apr
C6834 Chapter of Equity – 3rd Wed Feb, Apr, Oct (I)
C6875 Kemnal – 2nd Mon Jan, Oct, 2nd Thu Apr (I)
C7379 Chapter of Ideal Endeavour – 1st Thu Feb, 1st Mon Jun (I), 4th Mon Sep
C8866 Eltham – 1st Wed Apr (I), 3rd Tue Jun, 1st Tue Nov



615 Saint John and Saint Paul – 2nd Tue Feb, Apr, 1st Tue Jul, Sep (I), 3rd Mon Dec
913 Pattison – 1st Thu Feb, Apr, 2nd Wed May, Nov (I), 2nd Wed, Dec
1314 Acacia – 2nd Tue Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov (I)
1536 United Military – 4th Thu Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct (I), 3rd Wed Dec
1973 Saye and Sele – 3rd Wed Mar to Jun, 3rd Sat Oct (I)
2399 Ordnance – 3rd Sat Jan, Feb, 2nd Sat Apr, Jun, Sep (I)
3578 Woolwich Polytechnic – 3rd Fri Feb (I), 3rd Thu Apr, Oct, Dec, 2nd Thu Jun
3965 Lesney Park Lodge of Erith – 3rd Thu Jan, May, Sep (I), 2nd Thu Mar, Nov
4044 Lakedale – 3rd Tue Mar, 1st Thu Jun, 1st Fri Sep, Dec (I)
4492 Bostall Heath – 2nd Thu Jan, May, 4th Wed Mar (I), Oct, 1st Thu Dec
5085 John Roan School – 1st Tue Mar, 2nd Wed Apr, 2nd Tue Oct (I), 3rd Tue Dec
5731 Hereditary – 2nd Wed Jan, Sep, 3rd Tue Apr (I), Jun, 1st Tue Nov
6218 St Martins Barnehurst – 2nd Tue Jan (I), Mar, May, 1st Tue Oct
6315 Lodge of St Barnabas – 3rd Sat Jan, 1st Sat Apr, May, Oct (I), Nov
6610 Borough of Woolwich – 2nd Mon Jan, Mar, May, Sep (I), Nov
6705 Star of Kent – 1st Sat Mar, Sep, Dec, 3rd Sat May, 2nd Sat Oct (I)
6897 Legheart – 2nd Mon Mar (I), Sep, Nov, 3rd Mon May
7293 Bellegrove – 4th Thu Jan, Mar, May, Sep (I), Nov
7308 East Wickham – 1st Wed Jan, Sep, Nov, 4th Wed Feb (I), May
7351 Camellia Thea – 3rd Thu Mar, 2nd Thu May (I), 1st Thu Sep, 1st Wed Nov
7393 Lesnes Abbey – 3rd Mon Jan, Mar, Apr, Sep (I), Nov
7432 Albany Park – 2nd Sat Mar, May (I), Nov, Dec
7546 Bexley Marine – 1st Mon Feb, Oct, Dec (I), 2nd Mon May
7617 Centre Point – 2nd Thu Mar, Nov (I), 3rd Thu May, Sep
7887 Prudence and Concord – 4th Sat Feb (I), Mar, Jun, Sep, Nov
7992 St Paulinus – 2nd Tue Feb (I), 1st Wed Apr, Jun, 4th Tue Sep, 4th Mon Nov
8046 Westwood – 4th Wed Jan, Apr, Jun, Sep (I), Nov
8110 Oxleas Wood – 4th Sat Jan (I), Apr, Oct, Nov
8269 Thamesmead – 3rd Tue Mar, May, Sep, Nov (I)
8278 Rivermead – 4th Tue Jan, Mar, May, Nov (I)
8324 Desaguliers – 4th Wed Nov, 2nd Mon Feb, Apr (I), Oct
8392 Lowood – 4th Mon Jan (I), Mar, 2nd Mon Oct, Dec
8671 Oakfield Park – 4th Thu Jan (I), Mar, May, Nov
8677 Severndroog Castle – 3rd Fri Jan (I), 1st Fri May, Sep, Nov
9231 New Ash Green – 4th Mon Feb, Apr, 3rd Mon Oct (I), 2nd Mon Dec
9293 Southwood – 1st Mon Feb, Apr, Oct, Nov (I)
C913 Pattison – 1st Tue Apr, Jun, Oct (I)
C1973 Saye and Sele – 1st Fri Mar, Oct, 3rd Fri May (I)
C2399 Ordnance – 3rd Wed Feb, Sep, Nov (I)
C3578 Woolwich Polytechnic – 4th Tue Feb (I), Jun, 4th Mon Nov
C5731 Hereditary – 1st Tue Feb, 2nd Tue Jun, 4th Tue Oct (I)
C5937 St Barbara – 2nd Sat Mar (I), Sep, Dec
C6668 Chapter of St Giles and St Luke – 1st Fri Feb, 2nd Fri Jun, Sep (I)
C7351 Camellia Thea – 2nd Wed Feb (I), Jun, Oct
C8046 Westwood – 3rd Mon Feb (I), May, 4th Mon Oct
C8392 Lowood – 1st Mon Mar, 3rd Tue May, 4th Tue Nov (I)



5008 Pilgrims’ – 1st Mon Oct (I) to Apr ex Jan
5929 Hayes (Kent) – 3rd Fri Feb, May (I), Oct, 1st Fri Dec
6162 Paddlesworth – 2nd Wed Oct (I) to May ex Jan
6936 Jubilee Lodge of North Kent – 3rd Sat Jan, Feb, Apr, Oct (I), Nov
7722 Hundred of Axstane – 3rd Thu Feb, Apr (I), Jun, Oct, Dec
8742 St George’s Wrotham – 3rd Wed Feb, Apr (I), Oct, Nov
9230 Ancient of Days – 4th Sat Feb, Apr (I), Sep, Nov
9445 Wheatsheaf – 1st Wed Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct (I), Dec
9532 Shield and Defender – 4th Wed Feb, Apr, Sep (I), Nov
9560 Culverstone Valley – 4th Mon Jan, 3rd Mon Mar, May, Oct (I), Nov
9700 Ash-cum-Ridley – 4th Tue Feb (I), 2nd Tue May, 3rd Tue Oct
C5008 Pilgrims’ – 3rd Fri Jan, Apr (I), Jun, 4th Fri Sep
C9202 Regent’s Park Meridian – 4th Tue Mar, 1st Fri May, 1st Tue Nov (I)
C9230 Ancient of Days – 1st Sat Feb, 2nd Sat May, 4th Sat Oct (I)



7462    Edenbridge – 1st Mon Oct (I) to Mar ex Jan

Use of Masonic Centres by Women Freemasons

The Board of General Purposes has updated its guidance on the use of Masonic Centres by women Freemasons.  The updated guidance is intended to assist individual Provincial and District Grand Masters in exercising their discretion, and is not binding.

The Board considers that it is no longer necessary to require that women Freemasons have sole occupancy of the whole of a Masonic Hall and so its guidance has been amended to permit UGLE Lodges and women Freemasons’ Lodges to use Masonic Halls simultaneously if they wish.  The guidance is attached as a PDF document and replaces the guidance issued by the Board in 2000 on this topic. Click here for the Full PDF version.


Prince George, Duke of Kent Court
Shepherds Green,
Greater London
Camden Place
Chislehurst Golf Club
Camden Park Road


Oakley House
Bromley Common,
Greater London




Tel: 020 8462 9292


71 West Hill,




Tel: 01322 224 007


Village Hall,

Tunbridge Wells

Masonic Hall
St John’s Rd,
Tunbridge Wells,




Tel: 01892 521 893


Westwood Centre
Bellegrove Rd,
Greater London
DA16 3RD




Tel: 020 8856 1096


Masonic Hall




Tel: 01322 223 387


Masonic Hall
St Mary’s Road
TN15 7AN




Tel: No telephone


Masonic Hall
119A St John’s Hill,
TN13 3PE


Masonic Hall
Church Rd,
Greater London
DA14 6BX




Tel: 020 8300 1932


Masonic Hall
218 London Rd,

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