January 2017

There are now an increasing number of male Freemasons who are resident in our Home. You will be aware that the Association of Friends fund many activities, both social and recreational for our residents but many of these are directed towards the Lady residents and there is nothing which is specifically for our resident Brethren.

In order to address this the Association of Friends intend holding a regular Lodge of Instruction at the Home specifically for them. Mick Mills has already trialled this on an ad-hoc basis and the response has been overwhelming with a remarkable number of residents willing, and able, to take part. Indeed, apart from the social aspect which is important, it has proved to be extremely helpful in assisting those with early onset dementia. For example, one resident who has to be guided back to his room at the close of play because he can’t remember where it is, competently opens and closes the Lodge without fault! That is fantastic therapy!

So what do we need?
We would like 12 Lodges to commit to ONE Lodge of Instruction to be held at the Home each year. It’s not a lot to ask and it would mean so much to those who can no longer attend Lodge meetings in their twilight years.

The incentive?
1. That you will be giving an enormous amount of pleasure to those who have given so much in the past.
2. You will be giving fantastic therapy to those who need it most.
3. There will be refreshments served during the meeting and…
4. The bar will be open!

It is expected that the meeting will start around 18.30 and formally finish about 20.00 although you may be encouraged to linger over a drink. There is no financial cost but the value to you and those you help will be beyond measure.

Please respond to Mick Mills at millssilvester@aol.com.

Thank you in anticipation.
Sincerely & fraternally,
David Barber PSGD
Association of Friends