Like the mountain of old, as told in the Address to the Brethren, eleven of the Invicta Diners metaphorically bared their breasts to the lunchtime storm, to attend their Spring Luncheon at the Alberello restaurant, Bexley Village, on Tuesday following the Spring Bank Holiday.

The ferocious rain, thunder and lightning had little effect on the high spirits of the party as it enjoyed a delightful meal, served in very pleasing surroundings by very obliging staff. We returned to Alberello’s by popular demand of the diners, for it was there we held our inaugural lunch some years back.

The Invicta Diners was founded to provide an opportunity for Holders of the Invicta Award to get together for a social function outside Masonic Centres, to chat among themselves and keep abreast of what’s happening to colleagues and matters of mutual interest. Our function is, of course, to promote the welfare of this prestigious award and to offer our ongoing services to the Provincial Grand Master and Grand Superintendent. Founded some seven years ago, we meet twice yearly; first in the Spring for Holders only and again in the Autumn, when our Ladies join us for dinner at a restaurant of the Holders’ choosing.

We are fortunate to enjoy the patronage and support of both RW Bro Jonathan Winpenny and RW Bro Mark Estaugh, a patronage which we much appreciate.