How do I get Help? Ask the Almoner! 


How do I get Help? The Almoner

Your first contact will be through your Lodge Almoner who will be aware, not only of the help available from the Province, but also of the aims and activities of the four main Masonic Charities and how to access the support they offer. He will also have a basic knowledge of the range of support available from the state and from non-Masonic charities and how potential applicants can obtain specific advice.

If you are unhappy talking about your financial circumstances with your Lodge Almoner, you can always leave a message for the Provincial Almoner, who will either contact you personally or arrange for one of his Group Almoners to make contact.

Have a look at – Frequently Asked Questions – (the tab adjcent to this article) – you might find the answer you are looking for.

You can also directly contact Freemasonry Cares, which is a joint initiative of the central Masonic Charities. It offers confidential guidance on the financial, healthcare and family help available to Freemasons and their dependants.

If you choose to go directly to Freemasonry Cares or to one of the Masonic Charities, it is always worthwhile having someone else on your side who knows the process and can help you with the odd questions and form filling. Please keep the Provincial Almoner in the picture and he will be only too pleased to support you.

Click HERE to Email the Provincial Grand Almoner. Your questions will be answered in confidence by email, by the Provincial Almoner’s team.

If you are having problems contacting the Provincial Grand Almoner, please phone the Provincial Office: 020 8462 9249


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