Hiram visits Pattison Lodge No 913 at the Westwood Masonic Centre, on the 13th December 2017.

With Christmas fast approaching, W.Bros Graham Stanford and Phil Moore visited Pattison Lodge at Welling to present to the members and their wives the lecture on the “Past, Present and Future of the Kent Masonic Museum and Library”. Graham and Phil managed to attend this meeting without Hiram accompanying them; he has been very busy with Robin, patrolling the lodges on the “Dark Side” of the county, this being very pertinent given that the latest Star Wars film was released this week.

The lodge was opened at 5.00pm and, after dealing with a number of administrative issues, was closed around 5.45, at which point the ladies were invited into the temple where, in true Pattison style, members had displayed all their “Master Banners” around the temple, which for anyone who has not witnessed is something to behold.

Following this presentation, W.Bros Phil Moore and Graham Stanford answered a couple of questions, before adjourning to the bar with the ladies after which a festive board was enjoyed by all.

Prior to the festive board, the lodge made a donation to the Museum and Library of £100 for the presentation and at the festive board members and guests could purchase the booklet that accompanies the lecture, the money from each (£5) has already been passed onto the Museum and Library trust.

To date the West Kent tour has raised over £11,900 for the Trust, which is a combination of donations from the units where the lecture is delivered and the balance through the sale of the accompanying books.

Hiram apologises to all for not being able to make this lecture, but looks forward to returning to West Kent in the New Year.

Further information on the presentation and to secure a visit from Hiram and the team, contact:
The Kent Museum of Freemasonry West Kent presentation team:
W.Bro Phil Moore on 020 8303 5498 or
W.Bro Graham Stanford on 020 8462 3766