Hiram the Hippo tours West Kent

West Kent are proud to announce the launch of a touring lecture promoting The Library and Museum of Freemasonry in Kent. The inaugural lecture was delivered at the West Kent First Principals’ Chapter, meeting at Bromley on Friday 20th November.

Over 60 members and visitors packed themselves into the Jack Twallin Temple at Bromley to hear about the history and current facilities offered by the library and museum in Canterbury.

The lecture titled “Past present and the future” covers the historic creation and operation of the library and museum. It traces the work involved in the recent development of both the exterior and the interior layout of the museum, before looking towards the Trust’s future objectives.

Members and visitors were treated to an illustrated presentation by the newly formed presentation team who, under the watchful eye of V.W.Bro Roland Wade, has developed the presentation, wherever possible to include information for both West and East Kent. The presentation team consisting of W.Bro Graham Stanford and Phil Moore entertained the audience with the presentation and a number of artifacts from the library and museum which have been entrusted to their care.

Following the presentation, the team looks to have secured at least one other invitation from a past masters lodge, date and venue to be confirmed.

Hiram the Hippo is the mascot of the library and museum and accompanies the lecture team to any unit hosting the lecture. For hosting the presentation the unit have their unit’s number and date of presentation added to his top.


The photo shows Hiram joining the three principals at their festive board, they are left to right, E Comp Graham Newman (H), E Comp Keith Collcutt (MEZ) and E Comp Michael Horwood (J).

For further information concerning the work of the team, please contact:

W Bro Phil Moore on 020 8303 5498.