Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery is an area where we will display photos taken by members. We’re not concerned about what camera you use; it’s the content of the photo that’s important. For example, good pictures taken on compacts can be very presentable and the average smart phone nowadays has quite a powerful lens. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, whatever medium you use to make your photographs, you will be welcome.

There is a saying in photography that the best camera is the one you have with you most. In the initial stages we are going to create a Gallery of pictures taken only by smart phones. The photos will initially be judged by a professional photographer and those selected will be added to the Gallery. The content of the pictures do not have to be Masonic but just something that you have been fortunate to capture that has an interesting angle.

The following notes will help to create better photos:

1 Ensure your lens is clean;

2 Hold your phone with both hands to reduce shaking and blurring;

3 Keep the sun behind you to prevent dark photos;

4 Tap the screen on the subject of your photo to focus;

5 Zooming in reduces image quality, so if possible get closer;

Please forward your emails to Gallery and add your name, email address and a few lines describing the photo.